Me? A Blog?

Just started this blogging thing… who knew. The poem in this post is not among those that will be found in my (soon to be published) collection entitled, “Compass”, which is currently in production at Outskirts Press.

Just a taste of what may be found in my book as my style has changed little in the last few months.


Blackbirds’ Reel

How odd that I have never

Noticed until recently

How all the shrubs

And trees I’ve planted

All lean perceptibly south

Their main stems

Or trunks

Gently bending,

Tipping towards the sun.

The pond is locked

In ice

Painted green

With duckweed

Frozen in its embrace

Around its rim

See the water begin

To show

Melting slow

In time to the restless

Ghost songs

Of redwing blackbird males

Who arrive

So early

In the spring

Waiting in the naked brush

Of the swamplands

For their mates

To find their way home

And dance over the damselfly waters

To peeper frog melodies

At dusk

Among the fireflies

Like Chinese lanterns

Bobbing through

The wild blueberry bracken.

There are bulbs

I have planted this past autumn

Beneath the frozen soil

Tulips, daffodils and crocus

And when the earth tips

Towards the sun

They will break the ground

Softly, gently

With their many beautiful

Colored blossoms.


February 2012


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