Proposed cover art for my new book

Book cover art option #2Book cover art option #1



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16 responses to “Proposed cover art for my new book

  1. Outstanding work by a great poet. A MUST read.

  2. Mariann Porter

    I prefer the brown cover to the green. I have to say that the description of the book is very well written and makes me want to actually buy and peruse the writings of Erik Hansen. Best of luck with this endeavor!

  3. Dianna Wilson

    I prefer the brown too, although both are excellent. I think it’s more mysterious. Also, how about a pix of you with a pup?

  4. kim

    The brown is more appealing to me because it’s more subtle. I’m so impressed! Please let us know how to buy your book.

  5. Daya

    I like the green one, it’s more striking and eye catching.

  6. Carol Breen

    I love the brown cover. Much more serene an poetry-like. Congrats on this huge achievement. I cant wait to purchase a copy!

  7. I wish the brown cover was green. 🙂

  8. Jennifer Tomeo

    I love the brown cover! Catches the eye! Congrats on the book! I’m really looking forward to reading it! So happy for you Erik! I wish you the best of luck!

  9. Pete

    Erik. Green. Reminds of you. Woods. Green lush. Other one Arizona. But either will do. Amazing job my man

  10. carolann ricardo

    I love the color scheme and and image of the mountains. The cover with green, and gold is bold. The top cover caught my eye immediately.

  11. Vinnie Edgar

    I/m liking the green one Erik, it reminds me of the woods out back. I can’t wait to give it a read. Good luck with this my friend!

  12. Lynn Riley

    Like them both but like Green better. At quick glance I thought the yellow one had a slice of lemon or orange at the top—I am sure in person it looks like a compass, though.

  13. Will Heard

    I, too, am going to cast my vote for the green cover. The brown cover is evocative of the wilderness in the southwest and not New England. And I agree with Lynn Riley, it does look like the brown cover is garnished with a slice of lemon!

  14. Pat Hansen

    I REALLY like the look of the top one. It’s subtle and has a couple of layers that draw you in. Like one of the other commenters, I sort of wish that one had a green color (possibly greyish green). Is the book still on schedule to come out in April?

  15. The book is finally in print, as I had to approve the cover and interior galley view proofs. I am hoping for it to be available through my website in a couple of weeks!
    Thanks to everyone who responed and to the select few who helped me along in this endeavor.

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