I have never felt so in tune with the natural world, so sure of my place and my part on our planet as when I find myself far from the road and the beaten path, hunting wild game.It is very difficult to relate this to others as the experience is profoundly personal and intrinsically spiritual. 

Often I find myself able to relate to a fellow hunter and sometimes maybe, just maybe, I am able to relate the hunting experience to someone who is not.

When I find myself alone in the outdoors, at peace with myself, I see life beginning and ending and beginning again as it was always meant to be. 

I see the autumn leaves blaze in the brightest sunlight and the stars of Orion’s belt poke through the blackest shroud of night.

Every sound, every smell and every sight is truly a gift.

I feel my God’s presence and love, nonjudgemental and unconditional, as it was always meant to be.

I walk into the outdoors with an overwhelming sense of gratitude each and every time and it never grows old.

My life is saved every time I enter the woods to go hunting, my soul belonging to the ritual.

As it was always meant to be.


Bradford, NH


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