“Rogue” Teaser

Here’s a teaser from a short story I’m currently working on titled, “Rogue”

“The onshore breeze slipped around the water logged boles and through the exposed roots of the mangroves bringing with it the scents from the mudflats; rotting seaweed, brackish water and dead fish. Sweat caused his shirt to stick to his back just under his shoulder blades as he readjusted his rifle sling and peered into the dark latticework of the jungle ahead.

Somewhere within the primordial depths of these swamps and glades lurked the four hundred pound, silent killer of men that Jonathan had come to track down. He knew the beast would test all of his skills, all of his bushcraft and knowledge of jungle lore besides presenting him with the personal, physical trial these things always distilled down to every time he undertook them. Any mistakes meant death and he counted on his prey being the first to commit one in the days and maybe weeks to follow.

A gang of rhesus macaque hooted and scolded him from the safety of the tree tops, their antics serving to refocus his attention to the present task at hand.

He noted the direction in which the pug marks lead and, moving off to the side a few yards so as not to spoil the tracks, Jonathan slipped into the jungle after them.”


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